Crossing Paths – Haiku



When do we know now

after all the love and hope

did our paths just cross


I thought I found you

Is it the right thing to do

selfish destiny


the map pointed clear

I was looking at your world

now the pages change


letters were written

a time of peace and romance

life tore the parchment


could you find me then

lost in fog my hope; you may

escape my memoir


simple is hello

guide my heart and soul to you

lives change love remains

Classroom Blues

I am a teacher

in my classroom now

an easy day

covering the bases really.

Students are on task

summer school blues

they all want to run

why it is summertime.

Some know the hours

some will return

while I gaze across the room

I wonder about their lives

scanning Facebook

learning Pinterest

the consequence; a semester of rue

realizing the content

of American History,

of English semantics,

of the science of reality,

perhaps knowing the formula,

of so many inherent values

that their lives

their magical brains

kept them at bay with

during the school year.

I look around the room,

see all the gleaming eyes

filled with a natural spiritual love

one they are only now beginning

to accentuate, deliberate,

for life …

I remain hopeful.

Stand Still

Watch the skies move above

crystal clear summer night

each star with a story

making connections

to a childhood,

an adulthood,

that should suffice our need.

Yet, we wander

wanting more from the sky

this permanence of delightful clusters

a white streak across our night

allows us to imagine

something much greater than ourselves.

Then why this stand-still

this frozen temperate of self-driven


this albatross of heavy rings around

our shoulders that is a weight

one greater than any pressure

we may ever endure, yet as light

as a soft breeze on a cool

summer night.

Stand still

look up at the sky

and for the night

let go.

Political Society

The neighbor lady down the street from her

speaks well around election time for sure.

She won’t question her on another day

but the news rather steered her views that way.

Seems the economics of the times call

for unity, with time, before we all fall

inside the cavern; unraveling hope,

the scourge limit our President’s true scope.

Where did our dignity decide to run

while we each day survive inside the sun.

Each one of us another part of life

then how could we all come upon this strife?

There’s a man out there whose ideals are real

Yet she’s convinced his hands are off the wheel.


An Easy Day

A storm looms on the distant horizon

Life goes forward no matter the reason.


Days like this create a slow odd reaction.

Some faint hope belittles our need for action,


Looms in the simple mind of a wanderer,

In hopes the travel will dissuade the bother;


Leaving allowance for error and human – kind

When the reality of identity comes to mind.


Step inside our world. A semantic sweet soul

Knowing, acting, believing, feeling almost whole


Lives in a fluid panic, nearly a constant fear

Wondering if anywhere falls a peaceful tear


Each day waking to the constant progression,

Knowing might only their lives survive this session.


We believe the true nature of our internal demons

Will merit only pain, we ask to discard the sermons,


We venture forth, alone and disrobed of our dignity

Reeling in social angst, trudging the burden of self-pity,


If only once, the earth suddenly shifted gears in time

The poignant currents of love, then surely speak sublime.

6th Grade


I remember gazing

I haven’t any idea what

I was looking for.

I recall seeing trees in autumn

vibrant colors adorned street homes

all containing people I knew

for half a second I was glad

my journey took my mind away from

‘Civics’ her voiced echoed along my travels

suddenly back the room became a blaze

patches of fire ,

each way I turned licks

some reaching the ceiling,

some smoldering at my feet

a powerful flash engulfed the front of the room.

I knew if I glanced outside again,

the winds would push the flames to me,

I would pass in fiery storm.

A quick glance


the spectacular

world apart with all of our magical humanity,

I would survive now

inside my daydream.